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Our Services


IVS will assign the client's appointment at the respective VAC or diplomatic mission through online or phone booking. The Agent will then directly notify the client of their appointment according to the package they bought.


IVS will be filing the client's application as per embassy requests. Our well trained agents will be helping the client in the process, as the visa application is one of the most important documents submitted. All information gathered about the client will be destroyed


IVS will be supplying its clients with a consultancy service on their visas. Our professional team is highly familiar with each embassy's requests and preferences, and with the correct documents to be supplied for the issuance of the visa.


In case client is asked to attend an interview at the embassy, he/she will call us directly to inform us that the embassy asked to interview them and they will be eligible to benefit from our wide range of expertise in this particular field.


IVS will make the necessary confrmed hotel reservation for the client. After the issuance of the visa, this reservation will be booked. The reason is that any fake hotel booking proves unclear visit intentions and might lead to the refusal of the visa.


IVS will be supplying its clients with ticket reservations to be confirmed once the visa is issued. IVS is not specialized in the filed of ticketing. However, it will be offering clients state of the art ticketing process whereby tickets will be issued at competitive prices and upon demand.


A large array of travel insurance coverage is offered by IVS and for compatible prices. Being partners with renowned insurance companies, our clients will get to choose among various insurance plans & enjoy the highest levels of satisfaction when it comes to the insurance service.


As part of pioneering in the travel visa concierge service, IVS proudly announces that it will be supplying its clients with a professional escort service to the VAC. This escort gentleman will take care of all the necessary paperwork, handle the priority submission should the client ask so, hand in client's documents without their presence if they have applied before, and handle any case of emergency with the client's files in case need arises.


IVS will notify the client about the status of their application through all the stages of their visa lifecycle. As part of our commitment, our agent will also send an SMS appointment reminder to the client 2 days, then 1 day prior to their appointment at the VAC.


IVS will handle the translation of all the client's documents that need to be translated as per embassy requirements. This service will be available upon client's request. All translations will be done at the best prices available and can also be delivered upon request.


IVS will offer the photo booth service. The photos will be printed out directly and according to the sizes requested by the embassy.


As a part of our client oriented mentality, and in order for the client to have greater chances at attaining their visa, IVS offers the Client report service. This report will contain all the information about the client's visit to the destination country and their personal information.


IVS will be collecting and delivering the client's travel document when it is returned from the embassy. Shall need arises and in case any additional documents are requested by the embassy, the drivers will deliver these documents on the spot and for competitive rates.


Most travelers would want to have their international driving license, and IVS will be offering this service for its clients.


We take care of your certificates and complete the legalization process
Documents issued from Lebanon are concerned as Lebanon Certificate Attestation. All documents issued from Lebanon can be Notarized, Authenticated and legalized with or without your presence.
Certificate Attestation Requirements-
Most of the scenarios we require only the Original certificate and Passport copy of the document holder. At times authority letter needs to be given to certify the documents on your behalf. Documents will be processed upon receiving all the supporting documents. This will be confirmed upon the time of confirming the order.
Process involved in Attestation –
Notary Public from Lebanon
Ministry Of Foreign Affairs in Lebanon
Embassy Attestation
MOFA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs (intended to use country)
Lebanon Certificate Attestation Charges –


Big, small or in between, our scanning specialists use Canon high speed scanners in-house at our office. We specialize in scanning and imaging your documents. The IVS team can handle every type of legal document production.


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