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Russia worlds largest nation bordering Europe and Asia, has a vast natural resources primarly relying on oil, gas and energy exports to drive growth. Russian economy is 6th largest in the world. SEZ zones created for investments in Russia provide world class infrastructure and tax benefits. Major industries are Oil&Gas, metals/mining and energy. The national currency is Russian Rouble.

TimeLine: 3 weeks

Nationalities supported: No available data!!!

Visa Free Travel: visa-free or visa on arrival access to 119 countries

investment type: Business investment

investment cost: USD 100,000 (no limits)


Russia has 20% corporate tax, 13% personal income tax and 18% VAT.


Investment in a Russian economy in key sectors such as:
• Agriculture,Oil & Gas,Energy, Mining & Metals
• Information Technology,Medicine,Food processing
• Textile,Research & Innovations.

OPTION-Business investment

Minimum investment :USD 100,000 (no limits)



Visa requirements for Russian citizens are administrative entry restrictions by the authorities of other states placed on citizens of Russia.

As of 9 October 2018, ian citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 119 countries and territories, ranking the Russian passport 47th in terms of travel freedom (tied with Palau passport) according to the Henley Passport Index.


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