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Greece’s passport is ranked as the 6th strongest passport in the world. It allows visa-free access to over 171 countries. Greek passport holders have the right to study, work, and live in any country in the European Union. On 18'th April 2013, Greece introduced Law 4146/2013 giving Non-EU citizens and their family members the right to obtain Residency Permits by investing in Real Estate in Greece. The allowance for these types of residency permits has been integrated into the existing Law 3386/2005 "Entry residence and social integration of third-country nationals in Greece." According to Article 36A of the Law, a five-year Residency Permit can be granted to Non-EU citizens who own or purchase real estate in Greece, the value of which exceeds 250,000 euro.

The duration of this type of Residence Permit is 5 years and it can be renewed indefinitely (for a 5-year period each time) provided that the real estate property is still owned by the applicant.

In July 2015, Greece introduced new amendments to Law 4251/2014 under the Law 4332/2015, giving Non-EU citizens the right to obtain citizenship if they reside in Greece for 7 consecutive years, providing they stay in Greece for a minimum of 180 days for each year.

Permanent Residency Timeline: 2-3 months

Citizenship Timeline:

Nationalities supported: Open to all non-EU nationalities

investment type: Real Estate

investment cost: € 250,000


European Residency in 2 - 3 months
Full family Residency.
You and your family enjoy European Residency status and all of its benefits
No need to reside in the country
No minimum stay requirement
Open to all non EU nationalities
Get a second citizenship after 7 years
No need to give up your current Nationality

Allows free travel within Schengen area, no visa or further documentation required, no lengthy customs checks
You can travel directly from your country of origin to any Schengen area country once your PR has been issued, no need to travel to Greece first
Reside in any other Schengen area country for up to a period of three months within every six-month period with the right of multiple entries

Establish businesses, open bank accounts and expand investments worldwide
The property investment may be used for rental income profit and it is not necessary to occupy the property
One of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide, hence high demand for your property should you wish to rent it
Great infrastructures

The Greek Residency Permit extends to Spouse and children below 21 years of age
The Greek PR gives the same rights to Education as the Greek Citizens, including Higher Education
Greece is known for its excellent health care system, ranked 14th out of 191 members by the World Health Organization
Lifestyle with a safe, stable, and natural environment


The Greek Residency Program requires making a real estate investment into a property in Greece.

OPTION-Real Estate

The Residency Permit Program of Greece requires investing a minimum of €250,000 + VAT into Real Estate in Greece. The VAT level varies dependent on the region and is between 16-23%. Property Closing Costs are approximately 10%


WEEK 1-2

IVS Retainer Agreement signed and first Payment of IVS Professional Fees The Client could select the Greek property remotely and IVS starts preparing property purchase documentation required to be presented for Residency application.

WEEK 2-3

The Client must travel to Greece to get the passport stamped before submitting the Residency application. If client does not have Schengen Visa, then a Greek Tourist Visa must be applied for at the Greek Consulate in the client’s country of origin/residence

WEEK 4-5

Lawyers prepare property purchase documents to complete the purchase. Property purchase funds and taxes transferred. Residency Permit documentation finalized and submitted to the Government. Government Fees are payable at this point. File Submission Payment of IVS Professional Fees is payable.


2 months for the official Residency Permit to be approved. Final IVS Professional Fees are paid. Once approved Client either sends the passport to IVS lawyers in Greece to insert Residency Permit or client travels to Greece to get Residency Permit inserted into Passport.


Visa requirements for Greek citizens are administrative entry restrictions by the authorities of other states placed on citizens of Greece.

As of May 2018, Greek citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 185 countries and territories, ranking the Greek passport 6th in terms of travel freedom (tied with Australian and Belgian passports) according to the Henley Passport Index


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